Current Marchers

The Famous Marching Presidents and First Ladies 2016

1. George and Martha Washington~ Mel Marshall and Julie Morse
2. John and Abigail Adams ~ Jeffrey Boylan and Dee Mariani
3. Thomas and Martha Jefferson ~ Hugh Glasco and Kathleen Hare
4. James and Dolley Madison ~ Antonio Santiago * and Karen Wright *
5. James and Elizabeth Monroe ~ Steve Reynolds and Satima *
6. John Q. and Louisa Adams ~ Billy Callahan * and Linda Ross *
7. Andrew and Rachel Jackson ~ Robert Benoit and Donna Corson *
8. Martin Van Buren/Angelica Singleton David Parker and Mary Zezulak
9. William H. and Anna Harrison ~ Johan Springer and Debbie Springer
10. John and Julia Tyler ~ Joe Glick and Sharon Kenedi
11. James and Sarah Polk ~ Steve Buck and Helene Buck
12. David and Margaret Atchison ~ Arthur Sawl and Brandy Wilson
13. Zachery and Margaret Taylor ~ Gary Graham and Holly Graham
14. Millard and Abigail Fillmore ~ Rick Ewald and Stephanie Siehr
15. Franklin and Jane Pierce ~ Scott Rogers * and Daly Merrill *
16. James Buchanan and Harriet Lane ~ John Parent and Joyce Schwilke
17. Abraham and Mary Lincoln ~ Jay Egan and Mary Wollesen *
18. Andrew and Eliza Johnson ~ Tom Manuel and Lin Donald
19. Ulysses and Julia Grant ~ Jesse Conner and Nancy Patmont
20. Rutherford and Lucy Hayes ~ Don McIntyre and Gail O’Malley-Saling
21. James and Lucretia Garfield ~ Sam Crockett and Anna Crockett
22. Chester Arthur and Mary McElroy ~ Craig Briley * and Cheri Saenz*
23. Grover and Frances Cleveland ~ Frank Chizek and Karen Chizek
24. Benjamin and Caroline Harrison ~ John Casci and Beth Ann Wilson
25. William and Ida McKinley ~ Stan Miller and Sharon Conner
26. Teddy and Edith Roosevelt ~ Eric Fjeldheim and Elizabeth Fjeldheim
27. William and Helen Taft ~ Greg Goodknight and Rosie Goodknight
28.Woodrow and Edith Wilson ~ Dan Murphey and Kay Thompson
29.Warren and Florence Harding ~ Paul McGillicuddy and Rene McGillicuddy
30. Calvin and Grace Coolidge ~ John Barnett and Judy Barnett
31. Herbert and Lou Hoover ~ Paul Walker and Rose McClarty
32. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt ~ Scott Swanton and Janet Swanton
33. Harry and Bess Truman ~ Bill Holman and Loraine Plagge *
34. Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower ~ Bob Corrigan and Francene Holland
35. John and Jackie Kennedy ~ Ron Lange and Debbie Lange
36. Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson ~ Joel Heppting and Fran Cole*
37. Richard and Pat Nixon ~ Steve Belser and Pamela Marsh
38. Gerald and Betty Ford ~ John Boyer * and Mary Martlet*
39. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter ~ Ken Jones and Louise Jones
40. Ronald and Nancy Reagan ~ Mike Vasquez and Nikki Vasquez
41. George H.W. and Barbara Bush ~ Pearce Boyer and Jill Corrigan
42. Bill and Hillary Clinton ~ Chris Towne and Karen Campbell
43. George W. and Laura Bush ~ Mike Badgwell * and Lynn Badgwell *
44. Barack and Michelle Obama~ Douglass Fleming and Karen Hoffman *

Special Guests:
Aaron and Ellen Sargent ~ Larry Birdsong and Glady McWood Birdsong
Susan B. Anthony ~ Jeannie Milano*
Elizabeth Cady Stanton ~ Linda Metcalfe*
Secret Service Agents ~ Helen and Bernie Boss and Ruthann Russell

* Denotes First time President, First Lady and Special Guests.