What We Do

The Colonel Bill Lambert Award

Col.-Bill-LambertThe Col. William “Bill” Lambert Award is a prestigious recognition for a leader in our midst that has made a significant contribution either by word, deed or body of work that benefits our community.  The Marching Presidents announce the award each year on the eve of the annual parade, in which they participate.

Nevada City’s Constitution Day Parade, started by Col. Lambert, has been a local tradition since 1967 and is reported to be the oldest and largest Constitution observance in western America.

The parade through the downtown historic district includes marching bands, floats, antique autos, equestrians, politicians and the perennial crowd favorites such as the Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band and the Famous Marching Presidents of Nevada City.
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The Women’s Right to Vote, 19th Amendment Monument

Sargents-Home-2The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The Nineteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The 39 words that make up the 19th Amendment, the Right for Women to Vote In America, were formally introduced as a constitutional amendment January 1878 by United States Senator Aaron A. Sargent of Nevada City. Aaron and his wife Ellen Clark Sargent, both residents of Nevada City, were dedicated women’s suffrage advocates.

The Famous Marching Presidents think it is time we honor that part of Nevada City history and erect a statue to the Sargents and Nevada City’s role in that important human rights issue. You are asked to join us in that effort.  More information and to donate…

Education; The Famous Marching Presidents Visit Local Schools

edpg-Deer-Creek-SchoolThe Famous Marching Presidents would like to continue to work with our schools to increase students awareness and to motivate their involvement in, this local historical observance of the 1789 Ratification of the Constitution of the United States – particularly with our Famous Marching Presidents and First Ladies.

To accomplish this, we are eliciting suggestions from the schools that would best fit students’ educational needs. Those could include brief classroom visitations by available Presidents and First Ladies, sponsoring essay contests, and on-the-street interviews prior to the parade. Your creative ideas are most welcome! Contact Us for More information.