Bill Lambert Award



The Col. William “Bill” Lambert Award is a prestigious recognition for a leader in our midst that has made a significant contribution either by word, deed or body of work that benefits our community.  The Marching Presidents announce the award each year on the eve of the annual parade, in which they participate.

Nevada City’s Constitution Day Parade, started by Col. Lambert, has been a local tradition since 1967 and is reported to be the oldest and largest Constitution observance in western America.

The parade through the downtown historic district includes marching bands, floats, antique autos, equestrians, politicians and the perennial crowd favorites such as the Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band and the Famous Marching Presidents of Nevada City.

Past Lambert Award recipients are retired city manager Beryl P. Robinson Jr., former mayor and city clerk Cathy Wilcox-Barnes, longtime parade organizers George and Pat Harper, city councilman and former mayor Pat Dyer, the late real estate broker Jim Mackey, local writer Dave Carter, Chamber of Commerce executive manager Cathy Whittlesey, former mayor Steve Cottrell, businessman Bob Buhlis, retired Nevada County general services director Dennis Cassella, John Christensen, a leader of community efforts to establish the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum;  cartoonist R.L. “Crabman” Crabb, business owners Lee and Susan Thurston, Nevada City public works director Verne Taylor, the late historian Edwin Tyson, the late folksinger/activist U Utah Phillips, city engineer Bill Falconi, Marching Presidents organizer Patti Foster, retired school administrator Karen Chizek, musician Mikail Graham. retired county librarian Madelyn Helling, local builder Gary Tintle and former mayor Paul Matson.  Marching Presidents founder David Parker was presented the group’s 20th anniversary award.
The Marching Presidents is a fun-loving and educational group that portrays all 44 U.S. Presidents with reverence, good humor and varying degrees of historical accuracy.  For reliable information on U.S. Presidents, see
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Bill Lambert Award Honorees ~ Click Here for Gallery

1990 Cathy Wilcox-Barnes

1991 Beryle P. Robinson

1992 George and Pat Harper

1993 Pat Dyer

1994 Jim Mackey

1995 Dave Carter

1996 Cathey Whittlesey

1997 Steve Cottrell

1998 Bob Buhlis

1999 Dennis Cassella

2000 John Christensen

2001 R.L. Crabb

2002 Lee and Susan Thurston

2003 Verne Taylor

2004 Ed Tyson

2005 U Utah Phillips

2006 Bill Falconi

2007 David W. Parker

2008 Patti Foster

2009 Karen Chizek

2010 Mikail Graham

2011 Madelyne Helling

2012 Gary Tintle

2013 Paul Matson

2014 Reinette Senum

2015 Jesse Locks

2016 Paul Emery

2017 Joanna Robinson and Cindy Maple